Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Location: Nova Southeastern University 3301 College Avenue Rosenthal Bldg. Suite 124 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314 Catering Coordinator: 954-262-5345 Catering Manager: 954-262-5314 Catering Director: 954-262-5302 Fax number: 954-262-3923 Email: NSUCatering@compass-usa.com Website: nsucatering.catertrax.com


Successful events begin with advanced planning. To ensure the best possible service, a catering coordinator is available to assist you with the details of your event, including menus, flowers and linen. The catering office suggests a lead time of at least four weeks prior to your event so you should make arrangements, even if your event is tentative. We also accommodate emergency/ last minute events; however, last minute orders may limit your menu selections and staffing options. Please be advised that Chartwells cannot guarantee any event that falls outside the recommended guidelines.


Please visit the university’s website, www.nova.edu/facilities/leasing for information and forms of everything you need to do in preparation for a successful event on campus. Not only does this site link you to the critical pieces with planning your event such as room reservation details, audio/visual arrangements, chair and table requests, but it also explains the university event and risk policies, as well as the parameters of our dining contract with the university.


Catertrax is our web-based ordering software that helps you to order, manage communication with the catering team and pay for your events online. To access Catertrax, visit nsucatering.catertrax.com and login or create an account. Please have the following information ready before placing your catering order on Catertrax: 1.Location, date and start and end time of the event2.Number of people attending the event3.Department name, address, telephone number and e-mail address of person filing the reservation4.Valid University Account Number, Major Credit Card or Check5.Type of service desired (i.e. buffet or served, paper or china)6.Set-up and menu requests in detail such as seating requests or dietary needs7.Alcohol Policy: NSU Catering/Chartwells holds the liquor license for Nova Southeastern University. Chartwells cannot provide bar tendering or service staff for alcohol that is provided from another vendor. A liquor license is required for all venues on campus, so please make arrangements with your catering representative at least 72 hours prior to your event. 8.Floral arrangements, linen color and other specialty décor items desired


Our catering director has prepared menus for you to use as a guideline in planning your event. Although we offer a unique and wide variety of foods, please keep in mind that all choices may not be suitable for the venue of your event. Please allow us to assist you in making your choices and arranging any special requests. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal. If you would like to request a special menu, please select "custom menu" when placing your order on Catertrax. Chartwells reserves the right to substitute menu items with comparable items in extenuating circumstances.


Confirmation of the estimated number of guests is required at the time your menu is decided. A final guaranteed number of guests is required at least 48 business hours before the event. For billing purposes, your final bill is based on the guaranteed number of guests that attend your event, plus any additional guests in excess of that amount.


Event cancellations must be received within 48 business hours. Any orders cancelled within 24 hours of the event will be charged 100% for all product and labor ordered or prepared for the event.


All changes to events including but not limited to location, times, guest counts and menu must be made within 48 business hours of the day of the event. Any requests within that time frame are subject to availability and product. These requests are also subject to any applicable fees and charges.


All catered functions must have a secure payment before they occur. We accept University Account Numbers, Checks, Cash, or all major Credit Cards. If paying with a university account, the 10 digit University Account Number must be provided upon placing the order. All Checks must be received two weeks prior to the scheduled event. Credit Card Authorization Forms are to be filled out completely and returned via email to NSUCatering@compass-usa.com or fax at (954) 262-3923 on the day the order is placed. Authorization Forms can be found by visiting nsucatering.catertax.com and clicking policies/payment. Credit Card payments are processed 24 business hours prior to your event. All Student Organizations paying with the 9-Account that is managed and approved by the Students Accounts Office will receive a 20% Discount on all orders.


White china, glasses, and stainless steel flatware are available at an additional cost per guest. For non-china events, pick-ups or drop-offs, we provide basic disposable packaging, dinnerware, buffet tablecloths and cutlery at no additional charge. Larger groups of 200 of more will be required to have a china quote from an outside vendor.


Linen is included in the cost for your buffet tables and bars. White linen square tablecloths: $8 per table White rectangular tablecloths: $8 each Black table skirting: $26 per table Linen napkins: White linen napkins are included with a serviced event at no additional cost. Specialty linen is also available at market price. Please allow 7-10 business days to process special orders. Please contact a catering coordinator for ordering.


Please contact your catering coordinator for information regarding floral arrangements, linens and décor.


Food and beverages are delivered at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your event. All items will be unpacked and set-up to create a visually appealing display. It is the responsibility of the host/hostess to ensure facilities and rooms are unlocked for setup, delivery and/or clean-up services. All events will automatically be assessed a $10 delivery fee if the event is located on NSU Main Campus and a $25delivery charge for other locations located off campus. Should a room be unavailable when catering arrives, a return trip will result in an additional $10 fee.


Buffet Set-up Standards:

An additional set-up and linen fee of $50 will be applied for any buffet set-ups requests that are outside of the parameters set forth. (1) Single Sided Buffets - up to 50ppl (1) Double Sided Buffets - up to 100ppl (2) Double Sided Buffets - 100-200ppl 200+ppl - Custom Layout

Removing Items from Set-Ups:

Any Catering Ware removed for any reason from the location stated on the invoice and not returned by the scheduled "Breakdown Time", must be returned to the Shark Dining Catering Suite located in Rosenthal 124. If the items are not returned within the business day, a fee will result. (Fee based on items not returned ie. tongs, baskets, platters, etc.) If items are removed and a Catering Attendant is requested to Pick-Up the items after breakdown has been completed, a fee of $10 will be applied for on-campus locations and $25 for all off-campus locations.

Moving Set-Ups:

Sets requested to be moved after already being set-up will incur a fee of $25.


If your event requires wait staff, they will be assigned to your event for set-up and will remain on-site throughout to maintain food and beverages at a rate of $25 per server, per hour. Staff will also be responsible for the complete clean-up of your event. There is a four-hour service minimum. Plated Service Meal: requires at least one service staff per 20 guests. China Buffet Service: requires one staff member per every 25 guests. Both plated and served or a china buffet are an additional cost of $5.50 per guest. For this upgraded service, these events use our white china, glasses and stainless steel flatware. The charge for service staff is $25 per hour with a four-hour minimum, per server. Larger groups of 200 or more will be required to have a china quote from an outside vendor. Client is responsible for all breakage and return fees. Reception Style Service: the amount of servers required will depend on the amount of food and set up that is required for your event, suggested one for every 30 guests. You have your choice of service ware: paper or a china upgrade. Based on your selection, a variety of display ware will be discussed with your catering coordinator. Passed Hors d’ Oeuvres Service: requires one server for every 30 guests. You have your choice of service ware: paper or a china upgrade. Based on your selection, a variety of display ware will be discussed with your catering coordinator. Bartender Service: requires one bartender per every 50 guests. Action Station: The charge for Chef attendant is $25 per hour with a four-hour minimum, per Chef. Pick-Up or Drop-Off Service: we provide basic disposable packaging, dinnerware, tablecloths and cutlery at an additional charge. If disposable chaffers are applicable to your menu, there is a $10 charge for the disposable chaffer and it come with two sternos, water, matches and pans. For beverages ordered by the gallon we will provide you with acrylic non-disposable beverage dispensers for an additional $10 pick-up fee.


All published and quoted prices are subject to change without notice. Some prices are quoted based on current market prices and will fluctuate accordingly. Policy and menu is subject to change without notice.


Menu prices do not include Broward County Sales Tax of 6%. If your group is exempt from Florida State Sales Tax, we require a completed exemption certificate be on file with Chartwells with your guarantee 3 business days prior. Without this, sales tax charges cannot be waived. Nova Southeastern University on-campus groups are not subject to sales tax.


Shark Dining Catering will retain all remaining food to ensure safe food handling and cannot provide containers for packaging leftover food per the Broward County food code. Guests are not allowed to take food off premise, as doing so is in violation of food & sanitation policies and in violation of our contract with Nova Southeastern University. Please let us know about any food allergies that need to be taken into consideration for your event. We do not operate in an allergen free kitchen, so guests with food allergies and/or intolerance's need to take that into consideration prior to dining with us. Additionally, please note that consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs or unpasteurized milk may increase your risk of food-borne illness.


All catering equipment and supplies are the responsibility of the host/hostess for the entirety of the event. Any piece of equipment that is lost or broken will be billed for the full replacement value/ market cost.


Shark Dining Catering is the exclusive caterer for Nova Southeastern University and has the first right of refusal for any catered event held on any NSU Campus location. This means if Shark Dining Catering is available and able to provide the services you request you must use Shark Dining Catering. If you plan to have food donated from another source or there is traditional authentic cuisine that Shark Dining Catering cannot provide, you must inform Shark Dining Catering and complete the First Right of Refusal form, at least 14 business days prior to the event. The Catering Director will review the plan for food and beverage service and will approve, deny, and/or suggest appropriate alternatives in keeping with university policies and health regulations. Food that has not been approved by the catering department is subject to removal. If catering is waived, the following is required: 1.Obtain and submit a copy of the caterer’s health permit each time a catering request is made2.Submit a copy of their Commercial General and Product Liability Insurance for every catering request, naming Nova Southeastern University as the certificate holder. Submit a bona fide quote from the outside caterer on their company letterhead that details specifics of the event. These items are due to Shark Dining Catering 5 business days in advance of the event.